Keith Grant

I am a software professional with over 10 years of experience, having worked for Canon Medical Research Europe (previously Toshiba Medical Visualisation Systems Europe) in various roles since my graduation in 2013. My experience spans framework and application development, involving a mix of legacy and new codebases. As a skilled Software Team Lead, I have experience managing teams of engineers working on multiple projects simultaneously while balancing stakeholders' requirements and expectations.

As a Software Team Lead, I manage a small team working on multiple projects simultaneously, utilizing a range of technologies. My responsibilities include managing people and processes, modernizing workflows, and providing regular project reports to stakeholders.

As an Acting Software Team Lead, I was instrumental in helping my team adopt a more agile approach to work. I successfully migrated the team to modern tools, streamlined processes, and improved communication with stakeholders and customers.

As a Senior Software Engineer I was more involved in high-level discussions and took on more responsibility for specific areas of the application. My experience and knowledge also allowed me to support and mentor junior engineers on the team.

As a software engineer in medical imaging I had to take into account the various regulatory requirements for each target market. This resulted in a structured approach to software development that emphasised testability and traceability, ensuring that the software was suitable for use without any negative impact on patient care.

Moving from framework to application development allowed me to see the contrast approaches between developing for end-users and developing for other software developers.

As a Graduate Software Engineer, I provided framework maintenance support, investigated and resolved bug reports, implemented change requests, and designed and implemented new features.

Prior to starting University in 2009, I worked in catering, starting as a dishwasher and later as a chef at various levels.

BSc Computer Games Technology (Hons. 1st Class)